10 Best Backpacks For Men in Aliexpress

Top 10 best backpacks for men in Aliexpress
1MARK RYDEN MR5815ZSThe most practical men's travel backpack
2VORMOR LYB9870Solid appearance
3Tigernu T-B3105AThe safest and most reliable backpack
4BOPAI 851-023331The best ratio of price and quality
fiveTaikkss T-cb-40Best price. Large selection of colors
6EURCOOL NIG007Stylish men's backpack for laptop and documents
7DIDA BEAR 170037Best spaciousness. Unusual fabric texture
8Destello HS-1852The most popular backpack for men on Aliexpress
nineAugur 1039Youth design. Lots of pockets for storing small items
tenSUUTOOP Travel 40LIdeal for camping

It may seem surprising, but until recently, such a popular accessory as a men's backpack was absolutely not in demand among a strong half of humanity. It was used mainly by schoolchildren and students, plus it has always remained a traditional element of tourist travel and hiking. But it was practically not perceived as an everyday attribute. It is all the fault of the ingrained belief that backpacks and business styles are incompatible. But over time, the requirements for an item used as permanent storage of things have changed significantly. And, as it turned out, the backpack is great for the bustle of the city and an active lifestyle.
There are many reasons for this: large capacity (as a rule, a laptop, documents, small appliances, clothes can easily fit), practicality, and ease of wearing (if necessary, it is easy to free your hands for talking on the phone, paying for a purchase, etc.), and functionality (modern models are ready to boast of interesting features, for example, USB charging). In addition, the problem of style incompatibility has been resolved - today such a variety of designs has been created that any man, regardless of age and social status, can choose a model for himself. In this rating, we have included the 10 best backpacks for men from Aliexpress, based on the following factors:
  • value for money;
  • reputation and reliability of the seller;
  • customer reviews (special attention was paid to supplemented versions, which contained not only the first impression but also the experience of practical use);
  • unique opportunities.
When choosing a men's backpack, you should consider the following characteristics:
  • PurposeSports models for extreme hikes and leather options for the office will vary significantly in both appearance and interior content.
  • The size. It is advisable to at least roughly understand the number and type of things that are supposed to be worn on a daily basis. This will help determine the optimal size of the backpack (it should be slightly larger than necessary).
  • The number and type of departments. As in the paragraph above, you need to designate in advance a list of items that you plan to take with you (for example, a laptop, documents and office supplies). In accordance with the resulting requests, it is worth choosing a specific model with a suitable number of departments.
  • MaterialThis factor is of particular importance when choosing a backpack for sports and tourism. The original fabric should be waterproof and durable. The requirements for urban options are much lower, but it is also desirable to have at least the simplest water-repellent lining (it will save securities and equipment from getting wet in the rain).

Top 10 best backpacks for men with Aliexpress


The MR5815ZS is an ideal travel model, but here we are no longer talking about outings or hiking in the mountains, but about travel, excursions, business trips, etc. In the backpack, literally every little thing is thought out. For example, there is a popular anti-theft system now: all the zippers of the main sections are hidden in folds, there are several secret hard-to-reach pockets on the back and shoulder straps. Also, among the advantages of the model, we can mention other little things like USB charging, a tight-fitting soft back, etc. 
The reviews note the ergonomic distribution of the internal space: it is divided into many small compartments and resembles a kind of organizer, where a laptop, a book, and an office have their place. The quality of workmanship deserves special attention - literally there is a feeling that the backpack was bought in a brand store for a couple of hundred dollars (in the reviews, no defects were noticed like protruding threads, zipper jams and other defects of this kind).

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As we said above, to date, designers have developed many interesting and different models of men's backpacks. And when it comes to something truly business and presentable, leather products come to the fore. These are suitable and will harmoniously complement even the most formal and strict type of clothing. But it should be understood that things made entirely of natural material will not be cheap - and for those who are not ready to overpay, there are always analogs made of artificial leather.
One of these is VORMOR LYB9870. It looks very solid externally, well and reliably sewn, has all the necessary pockets (laptop, documents, etc.), is pleasant to the touch. In general, it looks clearly more expensive than it really is. In reviews, some users complain about an unpleasant smell, but it disappears in just a couple of days.

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3. Tigernu T-B3105A

If you're looking for an inexpensive backpack for your laptop and other gadgets, then Tigernu's T-B3105A is definitely worth a look. It is relatively compact (it does not look small or childish), very dense (keeps its shape well) and ergonomic. In addition to the main compartment for carrying a laptop, there are many small functional compartments (for a mobile phone, documents, pens, etc.), as well as a special secret pocket on the back (due to the thoughtful location, even the most cunning attackers will find it difficult to steal its contents).
For added security, the kit comes with a miniature combination lock that can be hung on the zipper, respectively, locking one of the two sections of the backpack. Ease of wearing is provided by an orthopedic back, and the material itself has a water-repellent surface (it will not save you from immersion in water, but you definitely should not be afraid of rain). A USB connector is provided for recharging smartphones and other devices (since Tigernu is not equipped with any batteries, you need to connect a Powerbank inside).

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4. BOPAI 851-023331

BOPAI 851-023331 is a stylish backpack for business men and women. It is quite graceful and thin, sewn neatly and efficiently. Combined material (textile and imitation leather), lining is made of polyester. Inside there is a compartment for a laptop with a diagonal of up to 15.6 inches. It is lined with velvet fabric and seat belts are also provided. You can put your phone, wallet, documents and other important things in your pockets. BOPAI is attached to the suitcase with a special strap.
The reviews praise the thoughtful packaging: there is an air cushion inside the backpack, and a branded boot protects it outside. There are no complaints about the quality of the product - the material is durable, the fittings look solid, the spaciousness is excellent. This men's model is suitable not only for businessmen, but also for photographers, because a camera with all the accessories is placed inside. The only drawback of BOPAI 851-023331 is that it is too thin and will not stand flat on the floor.

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5. Taikkss T-cb-40

This model is a universal solution for the city. It is unusually light and at the same time durable, moderately roomy, pleasant to the touch and comfortable to wear. The seller offers seven types of colors at once (both bright youth colors and more restrained for the older generation). There are only two large sections inside, which, on the one hand, is not bad (it is easy to fold and take things out), but not for everyone it will be a plus.
The main disadvantage of Taikkss stems from the existing advantages - with its versatility, it can fit almost any occasion, but they will not be able to fully replace either a specialized tourist backpack or more stylish city models. Plus, due to the softness of the structure, it is by no means a good idea to wear such expensive equipment in such an expensive technique - Taikkss has no protection against deformation in case of an accidental fall.

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According to the seller's description, EURCOOL NIG007 is ideal for both tourists and businessmen. It is large enough to fit a 17.3-inch laptop, headphones, mouse, money and other little things. There is a USB charging function, a strap for attaching to a suitcase and a pocket on the back for the most important documents. The dimensions of the men's backpack are 470 * 200 * 310 mm, it is sewn from black Oxford. Zippers work without jamming, they can be used to open the product 180 °.
Men praise EURCOOL NIG007 in reviews, they love the classic design and workmanship. It is this model that meets the requirements for hand luggage in most airlines. The material is durable and water-repellent, the embossed back will provide comfort even during prolonged wear. The disadvantages of the backpack, Aliexpress users, include tight zippers and too soft straps. Also, not everyone likes the fact that it opens 180 °, sometimes it is inconvenient.

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7. DIDA BEAR 170037

DIDA BEAR 170037 attracts the attention of men with its unusual, but at the same time discreet design. In appearance, it resembles a bag made of khaki-colored fabric (there are also black backpacks in the range). Inside there are compartments for documents and a carabiner for keys, there are also pockets on the back and on the side. There are not only classic shoulder straps, but also a side handle for carrying the product in your hands. At the time of ordering, you can choose the required sizes - 26 * 45 * 20 cm or 30 * 55 * 20 cm.
The main advantage of DIDA BEAR is its fabric. It looks unusual, durable and of high quality. Thanks to the non-marking colors, the backpack will not lose its presentation even after repeated forays into nature. The pockets are well-stitched to fit everything you need. The straps are comfortable, do not cut the shoulders. The only drawback, judging by the reviews on Aliexpress, is that the material does not hold its shape too well, so it is better to choose another model for a laptop and other fragile things.

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8. Destello HS-1852

There are two versions of Destello HS-1852 on Aliexpress - regular and extended. The dimensions of a classic men's backpack are 30 * 43 * 15 cm, it can hold 20–35 liters of luggage. There is no water protection, headphone jack and USB charging cable. All these functions are presented in an extended version, which also differs in dimensions (30 * 48 * 15 cm) and capacity (up to 55 liters). Both are made from Oxford fabric and can easily fit a 15-16 "laptop inside. The back is covered with mesh for the skin to breathe.
Men praise this backpack in reviews on Aliexpress. They love the quality of the work, the materials and the spaciousness of the Destello HS-1852. The fabric is dense and does not lose shape, the seams are processed, there is no smell. The straps are wide and comfortable, it is comfortable to walk with a backpack even with a serious load. The most serious disadvantage for men was the fittings. The zippers are not very strong and reliable, although they are smooth, without jamming.

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9. Augur 1039

Augur 1039 is more commonly bought by students than business men. Perhaps this is due to its custom design. This men's backpack is reminiscent of classic schoolbags and has many external pockets and straps. Inside there are also 6 pockets, one more is on the back. The material is very dense, the straps are thick, do not press when walking. The dimensions of the backpack are 42 * 16 * 28 cm, its volume is 25-30 liters. In reality, the product looks smaller than in the photographs.
The reviews note the excellent capacity of the backpack. Inside you can fold a laptop, smartphone, wallet, notebooks or a package of documents. Some men managed to fit a thermos and a water bottle in the outer pockets! Buyers with Aliexpress consider the main disadvantage of this model to be not the best workmanship. Sometimes there are sticking threads inside the pockets, the material can crumble over time. But for the price, Augur 1039 can be forgiven for these little flaws.

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10SUUTOOP Travel 40L

SUUTOOP is the classic men's model for hiking in the mountains or in the forest. With such a backpack it is difficult to imagine a person at a business meeting, but tourists are usually delighted with him. Product dimensions - 55 * 32 * 21 cm, its volume reaches 40 liters. There are different bright colors in the range. The material is not too durable, but with a waterproof coating, it does not get wet for a long time. The manufacturers paid special attention to the back and shoulder straps, because comfort is very important during long hikes.
In the reviews on Aliexpress they write that SUUTOOP fully met expectations. There is nothing superfluous about it, it is simply the best backpack for hiking. It is well sewn, the bottom is strong, there are no foreign smells and protruding threads. Inside easily fits a laptop with a diagonal of up to 17.5 inches. There is a hole for a USB cable here, so you can charge your phone while hiking. The main disadvantage of this model is that it will not be possible to fully load the backpack, otherwise the straps with a handle may come off.

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