Top 10 best beauty gadgets in Aliexpress

Top 10 best beauty gadgets with Aliexpress
1Vacuum pore cleanerThe most popular gadget on Aliexpress
2Microcurrent massagerBest price. Minimum dimensions
3Electric brushBestseller for effective skin washing and cleansing
4Ultrasonic scrubberThe best alternative to beauty treatments
fiveEpilatorMost Reliable Hair Removal Gadget
6Stain remover pen9 operating modes. Powerful battery
7Radio frequency mesotherapy massager5-in-1 Skin Improvement Gadget
8Electric pedicure fileWill help to make a pedicure quickly and painlessly
nineLaser combReduces hair loss and promotes hair growth
tenNano Ion Facial SteamerThe best ratio of price and quality

The beauty industry does not stand still. New devices appear regularly, designed to cleanse the skin, get rid of cosmetic defects and restore youth. Experts recommend combining all kinds of creams and masks with new technologies. It is on Aliexpress that you should look for the most unusual beauty gadgets. For example, there is an ultrasonic scrubber, a vacuum pore cleaner, an electric washing brush and a microcurrent facial massager. The rating includes the best devices from a Chinese site, the effectiveness of which is proved by numerous reviews from buyers.

Top 10 best beauty gadgets with Aliexpress

1. Vacuum pore cleaner

Pore ​​Cleaner has become the leader in terms of sales and positive reviews on Aliexpress. It heats up to 45 ° and acts on the vacuum principle, sucking blackheads out of the skin. The body is plastic, its parameters are 98 * 60 * 54 mm. The kit includes different attachments, each of which is responsible for specific skin problems. On the case there is a power button, as well as an LCD display with battery charge indicators and keys for selecting settings. There are three modes here: for oily, normal and dry skin. The device is powered by a 500 mAh battery, so it will be convenient to take it with you on a trip. A fully charged battery will provide 120 minutes of operation.
In the reviews they write that the cleaner does an excellent job with blackheads and may well replace a trip to a beautician. The only negative - in the mode for oily skin, the vacuum is very strong, there is a risk of bruising. You need to act quickly and accurately.

2. Microcurrent massager
This compact massager is suitable for any area of ​​the face and body. It works with mild electric shocks to improve blood circulation, restore firmness and smooth wrinkles. You can combine a beauty procedure with the application of nourishing creams and masks, the device will allow cosmetic products to be absorbed into the deep layers of the skin. The dimensions of the beauty gadget are 10.5 * 4 cm, its handle is made of plastic, the massage head is metal. The device performs 10,000 micro-vibrations every second. A CR2032 battery is required for operation, it is already included in the package.
Judging by the reviews, Aliexpress users are delighted with this device. They like its compactness and ergonomic design, it is very easy to use the device. The massage effect is felt immediately, pain in the head and other unpleasant sensations disappear. As for the lifting, the result is not so pronounced, but with regular use, the skin looks much better.

3. Electric brush
Many girls can no longer imagine the process of washing without using an ultrasonic brush. It is this beauty gadget that helps speed up the foaming of soap, gently massages the skin and improves the penetration of beneficial components. The device from InFace and Xiaomi has become the most popular on Aliexpress. Its body is made of plastic, it is waterproof (IPX7), silicone bristles. There are 4 colors on sale, you can choose delivery from Russia. The manufacturer recommends treating the skin for no more than 90 seconds for effective cleansing and massage.
With regular use, the device helps to even out complexion, get rid of acne and restore elasticity. The flexible brush rotates from 0-15 ° to reach the most difficult-to-reach areas. There are three modes of operation with different vibration intensity. In the reviews they write that the skin becomes smoother and more radiant, it is completely cleansed. Site buyers only complain about the crumpled box.

4. Ultrasonic scrubber
Ultrasonic scrubber from InFace is another hit of sales on Aliexpress. It is intended to replace costly cleaning procedures. This beauty gadget removes dead skin particles, evens out tone, and reduces acne marks. It acts with positively and negatively charged ions. In parallel with this, microcurrent stimulation is carried out, contributing to skin rejuvenation. The kit includes an English-language instruction and a Type-C cable for charging.
The seller offers delivery from China, Russia and other countries. The product can be ordered in white, black or pink, and there are also kits with an electric face brush. The description on Aliexpress says that the full effect of the gadget is achieved only in combination with cosmetic products. For example, for exfoliation, you need to apply a cleanser to the skin, for cleaning - toner or lotion. If you use only a scrubber, there will be no noticeable result.

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5. Epilator
Suitable for any part of the body and face, this epilator is easy to use and inexpensive. The site contains a detailed instruction manual for the device, an extended English version is in the box. The kit also includes protective goggles and a European plug adapter. The device is designed for 600,000 flashes, there are 5 levels of exposure intensity. You can also choose the operating mode - manual or automatic. The wavelength is adjustable within the range of 475–1200 nm. An area of ​​about 3 cm² of skin is treated at a time.
The seller warns that the full course lasts 8-12 weeks. During this time, the hair will grow, but it will gradually thin out. After the final procedure, the vegetation on the body should be reduced by 92%. If you believe the reviews, the gadget works, the hair becomes softer and thinner. Unfortunately, they start to grow in, so a scrub must be used. Another disadvantage is that the device heats up.

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6. Stain remover pen
This pen can be safely called the most useful beauty gadget with Aliexpress. It is designed to remove any stains from the skin. The structure consists of a housing with controls and an LCD display, inside are needles and a laser. The beam of light helps to lighten moles, age spots, warts, acne marks, and even old tattoos. There are nine modes of operation with different intensities, so the risk of damaging the skin is minimized. The handle is quite compact, it reaches 16.5 cm in length and 3.4 cm in diameter. The set includes spare needles and a charging cable. The battery is enough for about 5 hours of operation, the power of the device is 5.5 W.
Aliexpress users praise the pen for its ease of use and laser precision. The effect of the procedure is noticeable immediately, but it takes a long time for the skin to heal. The main disadvantage is the soft packaging, which can damage the goods during the shipment.

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7. Radiofrequency mesotherapy massager
The seller claims that the RF facial massager can easily replace mesotherapy. It acts on the skin with electrical impulses, warming it up and opening the pores. The device is positioned as "5 in 1": it strengthens the skin, removes wrinkles, evens out tone, and reduces bags under the eyes. For each task, there is a separate nozzle with a specific illumination color and wavelength. For example, red light is responsible for smoothing wrinkles, purple light for whitening, and green accelerates acne healing. To enhance the effect of the procedure, it is recommended to use the device together with cosmetic gels.
The reviews say that beauty gadget really works. It is easy to use: there are only 2 buttons on the case, one of which is designed to turn on, the second is to select an operating mode. The battery charge is enough for several procedures. The main disadvantage is the weak effect without the use of a gel.

8. Electric pedicure file
The next useful gadget in the ranking is for feet. It is quite capable of replacing outdated pedicure tools. The body of the device is aluminum, it fits comfortably in the hand and does not get warm during operation. The seller offers 3 beautiful shades to choose from, the dimensions of each device are 23.2 * 13.1 * 5.7 cm. The power of the device is 18 W, the motor performs up to 600 rpm. Sanding discs are used to process the feet: they rotate 360 ​​°, removing dead particles, calluses, and calluses.
You can use the device on dry skin or pre-soak your feet in a bath with sea salt and essential oils. In this case, the effect will be more noticeable. The set includes 60 replaceable sanding discs, if necessary, you can order another set of spare parts on Aliexpress. The reviews say that the beauty gadget works well, it is ideal for quick polishing, but it is unlikely to cope with the roughest skin
9. Laser comb
Skin beauty is important, but hair should not be forgotten. To make them always look well-groomed, it makes sense to order a laser comb on Aliexpress. The dimensions of the device are 100 * 65 * 38 mm, it is wireless, powered by a 1800 mAh battery. This unusual gadget acts on curls using red and blue waves (650 nm 415 nm, respectively). They reach the deepest layers of the scalp, promoting active growth and regeneration of dormant follicles. With daily use for 10 minutes, hair falls out much less often, their structure becomes denser. Also, the comb can reduce the release of fat, so you can not wash your hair as often.
In the reviews, buyers praise the workmanship and ergonomic design of the gadget. The effect of use is present, but it all depends on the initial condition of the hair and scalp. If there are serious problems, it is better to consult a trichologist.

10. Nano Ion Facial Steamer
Almost all cosmetologists advise useful steam baths for the face. Thanks to such beauty procedures, pores are enlarged, blackheads and other impurities can be easily removed from them. Manufacturers with Aliexpress decided to facilitate this process by creating a special steamer. The principle of its operation is simple: first, pure water is poured into a 55 ml glass. After that, you need to tightly close the vessel and press the button. The device converts liquid into nano-ionic vapor, which easily penetrates pores to cleanse and moisturize skin. The declared power of the device is 300 W, the steam consumption is 6.5 grams per minute.
Customers liked the design and compactness of the beauty gadget. Even when assembled, the steamer takes up little space, because its dimensions are 26.5 * 13.5 * 10.5 cm. The only caveat is that there is no rechargeable battery. You need to constantly be near the outlet, because the cord is only 1.35 m long.