20 Most Useful Items For a Computer in Aliexpress

The most useful things for a computer with Aliexpress Under $9
1 Fans for cooling system The best solution for quality cooling
2 Charger Charging with many adapters
3 Persian mouse carpet The most unusual mouse accessory
4 USB hub Maximum port expansion
5 Removable armrest Comfort for those who have to work for a long time at the computer

The most useful things for a computer with Aliexpress Under $25

1 Unusual gaming keyboard Round backlit keyboard for work and gaming
2 Hard drive case Cheap tuning with excellent results
3 Uploaded Wi-Fi module Stable connection. Best internet speed
4 Game joystick For fighting games and emulators
5 Folding mouse Ergonomic and stylish design. Convenient management

The most useful things for a computer with Aliexpress Under $50

1 Power Supply To speed up your computer
2 Colorful speaker Bright backlight to the rhythm of the music. Powerful battery
3 PC fan speed controller The best solution for complete cooling control
4 Aluminum laptop stand Compact and convenient accessory for business people
5 Notebook backpack The best alternative to a case for frequent travelers

The most expensive useful things for a computer with Aliexpress

1 High-frequency RAM with backlight Suitable for all types of tasks
2 Water cooling unit The best product for next-generation graphics cards
3 AMD Ryzen R7 1700 Processor AMD's new era in gaming
4 Samsung SSD The best option to speed up the system
5 External pocket for hard drives For working with large amounts of data

A computer or laptop has recently become not only stations for work, study or leisure but also a means of self-expression and individuality. Sellers with AliExpress offer many products for devices that can be divided into several separate blocks:

  • External removable items and care items - this includes ordinary stickers, legs for laptops, protective films for keyboards. A special place is occupied by mouse pads and keyboard mats, wipes for caring for the screen and input devices.
  • Internal elements. There are backlit fans, high-frequency RAM, water cooling and much more.
  • Removable drives and input devices. A computer or laptop can always be improved with the help of modern gaming devices, or simply improve the hardware using removable SSD drives or HDDs with a large number of revolutions.

We have selected for you the 20 most useful products with AliExpress, based on customer reviews, ratings, and opinions of reputable video bloggers.


This category contains the simplest and most useful accessories and products with Aliexpress at the lowest price with maximum benefit.

High-quality cooling is one of the main components for creating the optimal microclimate in the computer case and proper air circulation. 120 mm fans from Ninth World will do just fine with this task. They have a number of interesting advantages:

  • Dimensions 120 * 120 allow you to create a minimum of noise thanks to wide blades and a hydrodynamic bearing, create a powerful airflow at an average rotation speed of 1200 rpm;
  • The low price of 90 rubles will allow you to purchase high-quality “turntables” without overpaying for branded counterparts;
  • The fan frame contains rubber pads that soften vibrations when operating at maximum speeds (1,500 rpm) and reduce potential noise.

Connection is via 4-pin and 3-pin connectors. Each blade has 15 light indicators that turn on when the PC starts. The color of lighting depends on the blades since the manufacturer provides many options for purchase - from colorless to green, blue, red and purple. Before buying, check whether the case of your laptop has slots for fixing these fans. It is recommended to put the kit on blowing and blowing for better air circulation.

Charging for the laptop is done very carefully and competently. The kit has a huge set of adapters for various ports from the most popular models. It has the following characteristics:

  • Nominal input voltage: AC 265 V v or AC 240 V, input voltage range of vibration: AC 95 V-110 V;
  • Output voltage: 12V / 15V / 16V / 18V / 19V / 20V / 24V, adjustable voltage output;
  • Output power: 96 W;
  • Plug: EU;
  • 8 pcs interchangeable connectors.

Despite the majority of positive reviews, buyers note module cracking in some batches and damaged adapter connectors. Before receiving the goods, it is recommended to carefully examine it.


This cool rug will be an original gift for those who are nostalgic for the last century. By design, the thing resembles Persian carpets, which they used to love to hang on walls. There is even a real thread fringe! There are 10 design options, the dimensions of each product are 18 * 28 * 3 cm. Rubber mats with non-slip coating are made for better adhesion to the surface. On the back there is a fleecy material that is pleasant to the touch. Feels like it really resembles a velvet carpet.

The reviews on AliExpress praise an unusual and useful accessory for your PC. The material is durable, does not slip, in reality it looks even better than in photographs. The drawing is beautiful, made with high quality. The mouse moves along the carpet easily and quickly, it does not slow down or get stuck in one place. The disadvantages of the product include the presence of odor and the fact that over time the mat is washed out. But for the money you can easily replace it.

If many devices are connected to your laptop or you have an ultrabook with a maximum of 2-3 ports, pay attention to the USB hub. Based on Plug & Play technology, the hub will be an excellent and useful product with Aliexpress to work with multiple drives simultaneously. Available in two versions - standard with 4 inputs and extended, with 7 ports. Both models have high-speed USB 3.0 ports, with a transfer speed of up to 5 Gb / s.

A distinctive feature of this gadget is a stylish design consisting of a combination of neutral and cool colors - black and blue. Each port has an individual backlight, reflecting the mode of operation. Additionally, you can enable and disable ports using special toggle switches on the chassis. The device is compatible with Mac OS 9.1 and Windows 7 and above. The compact size of the standard version allows you to easily carry it with you on trips, and the advanced version fits perfectly into any office space.

During long work at the computer, you often have to keep your hand on weight. Because of this, the muscles of the neck, arms and shoulders tighten, the pressure on the wrist increases. To get rid of discomfort and relax the body, it makes sense to buy this useful armrest on AliExpress. It is made of durable plastic, dimensions - 29 * 12 cm. You can fix the item on a table up to 4.8 cm thick. Thanks to the imitation leather pad, the hand will not slip.

Office workers and freelancers are thrilled with the cool stuff for PC. The armrest is really comfortable, easy to install and adjust. The goods are well packed, delivery usually takes no more than a month. For some customers, a computer accessory seemed too small in size. In the reviews there are complaints about the quality of materials. The leatherette pad is not attached very securely, and the plastic looks flimsy. There is a specific smell, but it quickly disappears.

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It contains relatively cheap accessories and gadgets for gamers and ordinary customers, significantly expanding the possibilities of using a PC.

In the ranking of the coolest and most useful products for the computer, it is impossible to do without a gaming keyboard. This model differs from its competitors in the original shape of the keys: they are round. The accessory is available in three versions, but Russian letters are only in one version. The keyboard is made in black, each key is highlighted in orange. It is connected via a USB cable, the length of which is 1.5 m. The panel is made of aluminum alloy, its dimensions are 455 * 135 * 25 mm.

The seller with Aliexpress claims that the keyboard is waterproof. There is a sufficiently large distance between the panel and the keys, so that no dust and crumbs will accumulate inside. The reviews say that the keyboard is well made, comes without damage, despite the simplest packaging. The keys are pressed softly and silently, the letters glow brightly in the dark. The only negative thing is that it slides on the table, so it is better to use a rug.

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If you are not satisfied with the speed of your HDD or want to speed up the SSD additionally, it's time to purchase a special case. It is made of ABS plastic and has an external USB interface version 3.0 with a data transfer rate of up to 5 Gb / s. The module is compatible with Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP or Mac OS 9.1 and higher. It is activated using a special button, and a light indicator will inform you of the operating mode.

The device is installed without the use of special tools and screws, which greatly facilitates the use. It supports Plug and Plays technology, so you can remove and install hardware without powering the system. The unit supports hard drives up to 10 TB. Power is supplied through a 12 volt line. The delivery includes the device itself, made in a strict classical form, a power adapter and a USB cable along with instructions and a service card. It is not recommended to heavily load the device due to the mediocre cooling system.

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It’s a sin to pay for the Internet if you live in a high-rise building or a hostel. It's time to get improved Wi-Fi and start stealing the Internet, squeezing up to 150 MB / s from a distance of up to 1000 meters! Of course, this is not recommended, but a powerful signal for home use in large apartments or private houses will not hurt.

We should also note the stylish appearance of the module. Its black and red color scheme gives a feeling of “sportiness” and “aggression”. The module has an extremely high power of 2000 mW, which is why it can get very hot. By default, the manufacturer sends the device in a package without packaging, so contact the seller in advance if you are not comfortable with this method of packaging.

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Not all games are conveniently played using the keyboard and mouse, and sometimes you even want to shake the antiquity and play good old games from SEGA with the help of emulators. The game joystick from Data Frog will help to solve the problem. The supplier sends exclusively new gamepads which were not in use. The device is characterized by relative minimalism, the absence of extra elements and soft handles, because of which it conveniently lies in the hand, repeating the contours of the fingers.

As feedback, there is a vibration mode. When connecting, the Plug and Play system is used, which does not require the installation of additional software and drivers. There are 8 control axes and 16 firing settings in video games. Compatible with Windows / 95/98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win10 operating systems.

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A cool mouse with AliExpress not only looks stylish, but also excels at work. It is small and comfortable, fits well in the hand. The dimensions of the PC accessory are 12.6 * 5.6 * 1.6 cm, the main production material is plastic. Managing the mouse is very simple: to turn it on you need to bend it, to turn it off - align it. The device runs on 2 AA batteries; a USB interface is used to connect to the computer. An important feature of the accessory is that instead of the classic wheel, a touch scroll bar is used here.

The reviews praise useful goods for their low weight, stylish design and good workmanship. Thanks to the rubberized coating, the mouse does not slip under the fingers; it is comfortable to use it for a long time. It works almost silently, the cursor responds quickly. Buyers do not recommend using the accessory without a rug, otherwise there may be problems with scrolling.

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Here are the most expensive and coolest accessories to upgrade your stationery PC.


Galloway has released a new series of high-frequency RAM for gamers. There are 2 sets on sale - 2x4 and 2x8 GB with a frequency of 3000 MHz and DDR4 format. Such frequencies make it possible to provide the computer with maximum speed and ensure high performance both in video games and in editing or modeling.

Each bar will require a voltage of 1.35 V. If desired, the memory can be tuned by changing the default values ​​of timings 16-18-18-38 to the ones you need. Before buying, carefully study the technical specifications of your motherboard and find out if it supports such frequencies. It is best to use dual-channel memory to improve performance.

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NVidia has introduced a new series of RTX video cards and with it its top-end “cards” - 2080 and 2080 Ti. For them, Bykski introduced a water-cooled case. Execution material - copper, has additional heat-absorbing properties. The backlight is connected via a 3-pin connector.

The maximum noise level during water cooling will be 17 dB, the power consumption of electricity is about 0.9 watts. The block looks very stylish thanks to the thread on the surface. The service life at constant load is about 30,000 hours.

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AMD replaced the obsolete morale of the FX series with the new Ryzen line or in the common people - Ryazan. 1700 is an excellent choice at an affordable price and is perfect for both games and everyday tasks. The processor is made according to the 14 nm process technology and has 8 full cores with 16 threads and a base frequency of 3.0 GHz with a turbo frequency of up to 3.7. The cache memory of level 2 has a capacity of 4 MB, and level 3 in general 16. Thus, the "stone" will be able to quickly operate with already processed data.

Another distinctive feature of the line is a reduced heat release - 65 W, at 95 for the FX family . The processor does not have integrated graphics and supports DDR 4 RAM with a frequency of up to 2667 MHz. Before installing the “stone”, you must have a motherboard with socket AM 4. This model is an excellent alternative to Intel processors with a lower price tag, in addition, cooling inside the module is carried out not with thermal paste, but with solder. It is recommended to refrain from scalping the processor so as not to damage the compute modules.

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To improve performance, many buyers began to use SSD drives - a new generation of hard drives, where the carrier is not a standard "pancake", but a chipset. Due to this, data exchange is significantly increased, but it reduces the number of rewriting cycles. One of the best SSDs is the Samsung 860 EVO [MZ-76E250BW]. The device has a minimum capacity of 250 GB and a maximum of 2 TB. In turn, this leads to a high price for the drive - from 4289 to 136 thousand rubles.

Connection is via the SATA III interface. The device uses some of the best memory chips - TLC 3D V-NAND. The speed of writing and reading is 550 MB / s. When buying a device, pay attention to its dimensions - 100x69.85x6.8 mm, so that it can fit inside the case. It is recommended that you install the operating system and games on the media for better data exchange.

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Meet one of the most useful and cool things for both a laptop computer and a desktop PC. A docking station with 4 hard drives will significantly expand your potential in the simultaneous use of multiple solid state drives. The device is compatible with 2.5-3.5 inch format disks and up to 6 TB. Due to the USB 3.0 interface, the data transfer rate is up to 5 GB per second.

No tools or programs are required for installation. The case is made of high-quality black ABS plastic, which does not collect fingerprints, dust and dirt. It has an LED indicator for indicating the operating mode of the ports and an independent switch. Allows you to keep hard drives upright without compromising functionality. It is recommended to remove the used storage only after turning off the device so as not to damage the data. According to the manufacturer, the module is able to "read" up to 32 GB of memory on the HDD.

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