Top 10 PC Speakers in AliExpress

Top 10 best computer speakers with Ali Express

1 SKYLETTE SKY-306 Leader in the number of reviews on Aliexpress
2 SADA D-205 The best bass. Ideal for music lovers
3 SKYLETTE SKY-304 Stylish design. Excellent workmanship
4 PLEXTONE Dancing Water Speakers The most unusual speakers for your computer
5 Bonks k2 Better sound detail
6 SODIAL AS142 The most reliable packaging
7 SADA V-160 Wooden case. The best option for a small room
8 Redragon gs550 There is a backlight, headphone and microphone jacks
9 Bonks DX12 The best ratio of price and quality
10 Kebidu KER000085 The most budget option

If you can still use a laptop without speakers, then the situation is different with a computer. It does not have built-in speakers, so you have to buy at least the cheapest devices. A good choice of speakers for a PC is presented on Aliexpress. There are models with decent sound quality for ridiculous money. Almost all of them are wired, connected via AUX or USB-cable. There are compact speakers for watching movies on a computer and full stereo systems, from which music lovers will be delighted. When choosing, you need to pay attention to such features:
  • Speaker sizes and cable length;
  • The material from which the device body is made;
  • Type of connection to a computer - wired or wireless, via USB or AUX;
  • Specifications: power, resistance, sensitivity;
  • Range of perceived frequencies.
Another important indicator is customer reviews. It is in them that they often indicate the disadvantages of the device: background noises, rattling, metallic overtones or a lack of low frequencies. Also, users of the site will certainly report on connection problems or poor build quality. The rating presents the best speakers for the PC, which were found on Aliexpress. Each device received mostly positive reviews from site buyers.


This model is most often ordered on Aliexpress. Speakers are considered universal: medium-sized, look good, suitable for watching movies and listening to music. In many ways, they are similar to another model from SKYLETTE: there is also a bass amplifier at the bottom and a volume control on the cable. The speakers are located at a distance of 90 cm from each other, the cord length is 130 cm. It is made of copper, resistant to wear and corrosion. The power of each speaker is 3 W; they are capable of reproducing frequencies in the range of 85-20000 Hz. The dimensions of the plastic case are 137 * 68 * 63 mm.
If you use speakers in a large room, the volume may not be enough. There are no other complaints against SKYLETTE SKY-306: the sound is very clear, the detail is good. All frequencies are balanced, there is no lack of bass. Even at maximum volume there are no noises, wheezing and rattling. Workmanship is top notch, the speakers are compact and neat.

2. SADA D-205
SADA D-205 differs from other speakers with Ali Express in its original design and bright design. The description indicates that the device is designed specifically for listening to music. The kit consists of a subwoofer and two classic speakers to achieve deep and surround sound with powerful bass. The output power of each of them is 3 watts. The frequency range is from 25 Hz to 20 kHz. The sensitivity of the speakers reaches 80 dB.
One of the advantages of this model is compactness. The dimensions of the subwoofer are 127 * 117 * 96 mm, the small speakers are 61 * 77 * 96 mm, the total weight of the stereo system is 900 g. Thanks to this, it will be convenient to work with a computer with it, you can even take a set with you on trips. There are no complaints about the sound of SADA D-205: it is very clean, there is an adjustment for low and high frequencies. Bass can be considered the best on Aliexpress. The reviews mention only one drawback: the lack of protection at the rear of the subwoofer.

SKYLETTE is the most popular speaker manufacturer on AliExpress. There are different models in the assortment, SKY-304 is considered one of the best. She has an original futuristic design (4 design options), compact dimensions (110 * 85 mm) and excellent sound quality. The power of the speakers is 3 W, the frequency range is in the range of 85-20000 Hz. Thanks to the bass amplifier located at the bottom of the device, the sound spreads through 360 ° and turns out to be surround. The connection here is standard - via USB and AUX. The volume control is located on the wire.
The weakest point of SKYLETTE SKY-304 is the short cable. Its length is only 130 cm, for a large room this option will not work. The distance between the speakers is 90 cm. The reviews praise the seller for the fast delivery and excellent quality of the goods. The speakers are solidly made, look stylish. The sound is clear and surround, the films sound completely different.


The PLEXTONE kit immediately catches the eye with vibrant photos. These columns provide original LED accompaniment to the beat of the music. Inside the case there is a special oily liquid, overflows of which resemble dancing fountains. The speaker housing is made of acrylic, the dimensions are 22 * ​​6.3 * 5.1 cm. The output power of each of them is 3 W, the frequency range is in the range 220–13000 Hz.
In the reviews on AliExpress, they write that the sound quality of the speakers is satisfactory. You should not wait for depths and impressive basses, but it is quite possible to listen to music in them. Such an unusual product will be the best gift for a child. The disadvantages include the lack of a volume control and a power button on the speakers themselves. They automatically turn on when connected to a PC, you can only change the volume using a computer. Another drawback of PLEXTONE is the thin wires, it is recommended to replace them.

A true find for music lovers was this stereo system. It includes as many as three speakers (classic devices and a subwoofer) to achieve maximum surround and deep sound. The diameter of small speakers is 45 mm, large - 90 mm. There are three color options for AliExpress on the model. Specifications Bonks K2 are the best in this price range. The total power of the speakers reaches 11 W, the range of reproduced frequencies is from 130 Hz to 18 kHz.
The reviews note excellent volume and detail of the sound. High and low frequencies are in harmony, there is enough bass. To get the perfect sound, customers recommend setting the equalizer. In this case, you can achieve the effect of a home theater while watching movies. The only caveat - when the sound is turned off, there is background noise, but it is very quiet. By cons Bonks K2 can also include a crumpled box.

SODIAL AS142 will appeal to music lovers as they have rich sound with great bass. Thanks to the contrasting design of the case, they look stylish. The dimensions of the case are 13.8 * 9.3 * 8.3 cm, the diameter of the subwoofer is 52 mm. Each speaker consists of 2 speakers with a total power of 6 watts. The frequency range here is not bad - from 20 Hz to 18 kHz. The devices are powered via a USB cable, so you can easily take them with you. It is on the cord that the volume control is located. By the way, its length is 180 cm, which is rarely found among budget speakers with Aliexpress.

Customers love the workmanship and sound of the SODIAL AS142. There is really enough bass, the sound is loud and clear, no wheezing and extraneous noise. Packaging of goods at a height: the box is additionally wrapped with film, so that damage is excluded. The disadvantages include flimsy wires and the lack of a power button on the device.

7. SADA V-160

Despite the relatively low cost, the quality of SADA V-160 materials is higher than that of competitors in this price range. The body of each speaker is made of wood, the dimensions are 11 * 7.5 * 7 cm. They are connected to the computer via USB and AUX cables. The cable length is only 100 cm, so the device is more suitable for small rooms than for offices. The sensitivity of the speakers is 40 dB, the power of each of them reaches 30 watts. The range of perceived frequencies is in the range of 25-20000 Hz. The kit includes English-language instructions.

Reviews praise this item, buyers like the speaker design. The sound also pleased: it is loud and clear enough. Sometimes the notes of metallic sound skip, but, in general, the quality of the speakers corresponds to the price. The most significant drawback of the SADA V-160 is its long delivery. Sometimes you have to wait for the goods for more than three months, damage to the packaging is not excluded.


This model was designed specifically for those who like to watch movies on the computer. You can place the speakers on both sides of the PC or fold them into one soundbar for surround sound. The dimensions of each device are 70 * 90 * 180 mm. On the plastic case are the headphone and microphone jacks, as well as a volume wheel. In the dark, the columns are highlighted in red, they look very stylish. Technical characteristics are also quite worthy: sensitivity reaches 30 dB, the frequency range - from 300 Hz to 20 kHz. The total power of the speakers is 6 watts.

The reviews note that the speakers are light and compact. Thanks to the universal AUX cable, you can connect them not only to a computer, but also to a smartphone. It also provides power via a USB cable, so the Redragon GS550 is suitable for outdoor use. The main disadvantage of the model is that when the headphones are connected, noise appears.


This set of computer speakers can also be attributed to budget options. The diameter of the speakers is 50 mm (case dimensions - 55 * 57 * 58 mm), the power of each of them is 3 watts. The average frequency range is from 130 Hz to 18 kHz. Connection to a PC is via USB and a standard 3.5 mm cable. Its length is small, only 130 cm, but this should be enough for comfortable placement on any surface. The distance between the speakers is about 75 cm. One of the features of the Bonks DX12 is that the volume control is located on the wire, and not on the device.

Customer opinions regarding the packaging were divided. Some consider it reliable and accurate, while others complain of damage. The only thing that matters is that the columns always remain intact, even if the box is wrinkled during shipment. But the sound of Bonks DX12 pleasantly surprised AliExpress users. It is clean enough, with no background noises and rattles.

10. KEBIDU KER000085
Those who are looking for cheap speakers should take a look at Kebidu KER000085. Even without discounts, their price rarely exceeds $ 5. They are incredibly compact (7 * 6 * 5 cm), look stylish thanks to the blue-black design. The case is made of plastic, there is a volume control on it. The sensitivity of the speakers is in the range of 45–80 dB, the range of reproduced frequencies is from 90 Hz to 20 kHz. The maximum output power is 35 watts. To connect to a PC, an AUX cable of 3.5 mm and USB is used.

In the reviews, they write that the speakers perform well in work, do not hiss at maximum volume. They are convenient to take with you on trips. The budget model cannot boast the best sound quality, but it will be quite enough to watch movies and videos on YouTube. Music lovers are unlikely to fit this option, the music sounds too flat. Another disadvantage of Kebidu KER000085 is a wrinkled box.