15 Best Hair Straighteners in AliExpress

The best compact hair straighteners in AliExpress

1 Inkint IK007 Steam and auto shut off function
2 Oumonoka H026 The best mini version of ironing
3 LOOF A-657 Low price and good functionality
4 CkeyiN HS350 Most autonomous

The best hair straighteners for home use in AliExpress

1 CkeyiN HS299WQ Rotatable plates, convenient LCD screen
2 BasNona H025 Hot Sales on AliExpress
3 Beauty Star SC347 Steam function and best cord twist mechanism
4 LILI HS-1808 Uniform heating, support for dual voltage mains

The best professional hair straighteners in AliExpress

1 CLRLIFE Hair Straightener Brush The most reliable
2 RUCHA RU-80-1E Best for hair care
3 Nume NM-088P The best steam rectifier with good power
4 Surker Sliding plates, ergonomic design

The best ironing stylers with corrugation function in Aliexpress

1 CkeyiN HS200H Large selection of corrugated plates included
2 CHJPRO-606 Convenient iron with styler function
3 GLADAY C-8185 The best functionality

All hair irons are divided into professional and household. Both of them act on the same principle: they remove excess moisture from the curls and smooth the exfoliated flakes of the outer layer - cuticles. As a result, the hair becomes smooth and shiny. However, not everything is so smooth. The iron heats the hair to high temperatures, from which it can dry out and become brittle. To avoid this, you need to pay attention to such characteristics:

  • coating of plates - ceramics, tourmaline, Teflon, metal (the latter is practically not used, as it damages the hair);
  • temperature regulator - for colored and thin hair, heating should not exceed 150 degrees, for normal –180 degrees, unpainted and hard - about 200 degrees;
  • heating time to maximum temperature - professional appliances heat up in 3 ... 20 seconds, household appliances are slightly slower;
  • the width of the plates - the longer and thicker the hair, the wider the plate should be, otherwise working with the iron is inconvenient;
  • form and type of plate mounting - plates come with straight and rounded corners, can be fixed rigidly or on a floating mount;
  • the gap between the plates - it should be minimal;
  • the presence of additional functions - cold airflow, ionization, hot moisturizing.

When compiling the TOP-15, customer ratings and reviews, the opinion of professional stylists and technical specifications were taken into account. So, the best hair straighteners in front of you


Even in inexpensive models of irons (hair tongs), ceramic or tourmaline cloths are used. However, these plates are much narrower than conventional rectifiers. After all, models are designed for travel, and not for daily use. And they cope with this task in the best way. In addition, the price of such hair straighteners is very affordable. On Aliexpress you can find models worth 250 rubles. Just keep in mind that they usually have the narrowest plates and short cords. Use them not only when traveling, but also for styling bangs or short hair.


Inexpensive hair straighteners are rarely distinguished by a wealth of functionality. But not this model. With a reasonable budget cost, the equipment acquired a small water tank and various useful functions related to the safety of the device. The iron is suitable for dry and wet straightening, it performs equally well on different types of hair. The water compartment is modest in size - 30 ml. The lid of the container closes tightly. The degree of heating of the plates can be adjusted: 2 options are available (180 and 230 degrees). The cord is rotatable, easy to use, its length is 2 meters.

A function of automatic shutdown is well implemented, which works an hour after turning on the iron. Handles almost do not heat up during operation. There is an LED indicator on the case for better control over the operation of the device. Nearby is a small screen that displays the current operating mode of the iron.
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Oumonoka's miniature hair straightener looks like a toy. The total length of the model is 17 cm. But this is only the first impression. Despite its tiny size, it copes with the tasks very well. The iron heats up quickly, evens out curls well. It is designed, rather, for short hair. When styling on long hair, you will have to spend too much time. 

The materials and assembly, as for a state employee, are of very decent quality. The iron looks decent. You can order it on Aliexpress with or without a box. The difference in cost is small. The color of the iron can also be selected. Positive feedback on the rectifier. The main disadvantage is the handles that heat up during the long operation of the device. Another wire - it is short, only about a meter long. The model is intended more for travel than for daily use.
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3. LOOF A-657

Aliexpress is known for pleasant surprises. Here, for a few hundred, you can buy equipment that will cost many times more at the nearest store. One such find is the LOOF hair straightener. The site has many similar “no-name models." However, we chose the best. We present you a Chinese straightener from a popular brand in its homeland. The iron does not have additional functions, there is no temperature regulator, but it adequately copes with the mission assigned to it.

The straightener heats up quickly, gently smoothes hair and can be used to create curls. Among the advantages of the model: affordable price, ergonomic body and miniature size. The disadvantages of ironing are users consider a very short power cord and an inconvenient power button.
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This iron with AliExpress differs from other participants in the rating by the presence of a built-in battery. The battery has a capacity of 2200mAh and is charged via a USB wire. It provides about half an hour of smooth operation of the ironing. You can use any Power Bank as a power source, even a regular smartphone is suitable. It can also be charged via the adapter from the mains. In this case, it takes about 3 hours to fully charge.

The model is lightweight, portable and very comfortable. It will fit in a backpack or travel bag, even if there is absolutely no free space left there. You will be able to make styling, wherever you are, and for this you do not need an outlet. Everything is good with this model and with work efficiency. The iron does not dry hair, evens it well. But since the working plates are small, you do not have to wait for a high speed of work from it.
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For regular home styling, tongs with medium-sized plates are needed. It is good if they have additional functions: ionization, steam humidification, cold blowing. These are rectifiers with ceramic and tourmaline canvases, which are often used both for leveling strands and for creating curls. The price presented in this category of hair straighteners starts from 1,000 rubles. AliX sellers call them professional rectifiers. They really can be used in salons, but still, they are more likely household appliances.


For ease of use, this is one of the best irons presented in our review. The model is popular on Aliexpress. It is equipped with wide plates and a high-quality heating element. The iron heats up in just 15 seconds. The temperature is adjustable, and you can change the settings even during operation. Many users believe that the temperature regulator installed here is one of the best. 12 degrees of heating are available. The minimum temperature of the paintings is 120, the maximum is 230 degrees. All information about the selected mode is displayed on a well-readable LCD screen, which improves equipment safety performance.

Another advantage is floating plates. Thanks to this feature, even thick and heavy hair can be straightened quickly. Ironing is also suitable for styling. He evens out curls very qualitatively and quickly. The model is recommended for hair of any length, it copes even with fluffy curls.
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Irons of this company have become the most popular on Aliexpress in the current year. The equipment has one of the best value for money. The iron straightens hair well, glides perfectly along the strands. It shows an equally positive result both on heavy and smooth, and on fluffy porous hair. The start is very fast - 10 seconds, and the iron is ready to work. The plates are covered with ceramics, they have proven themselves in different types of styling. The claimed ionization function. Negative ions positively affect the condition of the hair.

Ironing is safe and convenient. The temperature controller allows you to configure the device based on the needs of users. The range is wide enough. 4 modes are available - the temperature is adjustable from 100 to 230 degrees. To switch it is enough to press one button on the case. An hour after the start of operation, an emergency shutdown is triggered, which prevents the ironing from overheating.
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This iron is suitable for dry and wet hair straightening. Included with it are: a protective glove, a water bottle and several clamps. The inner water container looks small, but in practice it is enough without additional refueling to lay even a few heads. The model is bought both for home use and for work in the cabin. This is largely due to the presence of a rotating power wire. It does not limit the movement of the master and is considered the most convenient among professionals.

The plates are ceramic coated with tourmaline. They heat up quickly. There are three thermal modes that allow you to style different types of hair. The iron perfectly copes with both thin strands and thick curls. The claimed ionization function. An important advantage of the model, users also consider the presence of a convenient display that helps to choose a heating mode. The product is actively sold on AliExpress and receives the best reviews and ratings.
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4. LILI HS-1808

LILI's powerful hair straightener boasts a wide range of settings, good and fast plate heating and an ergonomic design. The device will cope with any styling, suitable for dry and wet hair alignment. The plates here are wide, ceramic. They heat up in 15 seconds, the temperature is kept well. The degree of heating is adjustable - from 170 to 230 degrees. The housing has openings for removing heat and moisture. 

The iron supports the dual voltage function, it can operate on 110V and 220V networks. Such equipment can be taken on a trip without worrying about what standard the voltage and frequency of the network in this country are. But the type of plug will have to choose before this standardization has not yet reached. The cord of the device is long (2.5 m), rotatable. The handle is comfortable with protection against burns. The iron is one of the safest, it is suitable for aligning and styling all types of hair.

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For professional irons, such qualities as the most rapid heating, a long swivel cord and perfectly even plates with a reliable coating are important. The most interesting options with such properties are presented in this section.


The CLRLIFE iron , as it should be with professional equipment, has the function of dry and wet hair straightening, a rotary mechanism of the power cord, a sufficient length of the cord itself and quickly heating plates with a ceramic coating. But its main competitive advantage is a long period of active operation. A hair straightener will work without failures and breakdowns for more than one year.

Medium-wide heating plates, suitable for thick hair. The tongs close well, without gaps. For a more convenient grip of strands, a removable comb is provided. The rectifier heats up instantly. The volume of the water tank is 40 ml. It is enough for a long time. Iron does not dry hair, curls do not electrify. Many buyers believe that this is the most worthy product on AliExpress for an adequate price.
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2. RUCHA RU-80-1E
This iron is not for styling. It is used to restore hair and activate the processes of penetration into the curls of various cosmetics. In functionality, the tongs are no different from the more expensive counterparts used in salons. Due to infrared radiation and ultrasound, the apparatus breaks down particles of masks, balms, oils that are applied to the hair. In this form, beneficial substances can penetrate into the hair.

At the same time, the device evens and smoothes the cuticle flakes, thanks to which the curls perfectly reflect light and look healthy and shiny. A screen is installed in the case, which changes color after the specified time of the procedure. The degree of exposure can be adjusted. There are 7 levels of ultrasonic and infrared waves. The instruction is attached. The product looks presentable, you can take it as a gift.
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3. NUME NM-088P

If you need a good steam iron at an affordable price, then take a look at this model from Nume. It uses an exclusive steam distribution system and a high-quality tourmaline-coated heating element. The plates themselves are ceramic, the material allows you to evenly distribute the temperature, which favorably affects the condition of the hair. There is an infrared heating function.

This model will be the best solution for fine hair with small curls. She does not dry out her curls, does not tangle them and makes them perfectly smooth in a short time. The steam supply system in this ironing is very well thought out. Few of the competitors represented at Aliexpress can compete with her. The plates are wide, for long hair this is an advantage, but you will have to tinker with the bangs. Product reviews are positive. Only the volume of the water tank is dissatisfied users - it is too small. But even without steam, this iron perfectly aligns hair.
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The Surker iron has 4 temperature conditions and can heat from 100 to 230 ° C. The plates of the hair straightener are sprayed with keratin and tourmaline. This feature contributes to the careful attitude of the iron to the hair. There is a function of air ionization. The equipment produces negatively charged ions - anions that favorably affect the hair, make them more radiant. The shape of the device is unusual - the iron has a slight bend. This configuration will appeal to those who create complex hairstyles.

The rectifier plates are floating. Nippers with a movable structure are more convenient to use than models with rigidly fixed canvases. The heating element is coated with quality ceramics. It provides the best gliding strands on the canvas. There is no gap between the working plates. To remove moisture on the tongs have special holes. Iron will be useful both at home and in the cabin.

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Tongs from this category perform not only the function of straightening hair but also curling. They are usually equipped with removable nozzles for the corrugation, changing which you can achieve various effects. The waveform will envy the bends of this nozzle itself. The smallest corrugation is often used to create a basal volume, the larger - for curls. Such models will not be able to completely replace the curling iron, but they will help to diversify the hairstyle great.


Here is one of the most multifunctional models presented on Aliexpress. This is an iron with the best set of interchangeable corrugated plates. Thanks to this configuration, the hair straightener quickly turns into a styler for styling and giving various shapes to curls. All nozzles are coated with tourmaline ceramics - one of the best safety materials that prevents hair from drying out. In addition to protection against overheating, the plates are characterized by an excellent temperature distribution along the entire length.

The kit includes a small corrugation, which is ideal for giving root volume. Medium and large corrugation is useful for styling. Straight plates deserve special attention - they fit snugly together and are able to quickly and accurately align all types of hair. All removable nozzles are securely fixed, do not move during operation. This item can be ordered with delivery from China or Russia.
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2. CHJPRO-606

CHJPRO is one of the most balanced devices for all important indicators. The maximum ironing power is 59 W, which is sufficient at home. It is intended for smoothing and styling hair. The shape of the plates is unusual, with a smooth bend in the form of a wave, which greatly expands the functionality of the device. Ironing may well replace a full-fledged styler in many cases. For this, the scope of delivery provides for the presence of various clamps and gloves. Of course, the result of the work will depend on the skills of the master.

Of the additional useful features - support for dual voltage (110 and 220 V), a convenient temperature controller. The control buttons are on the handle. Settings data is broadcast to the screen. There is a lock for fixing strands. The heating rate of the plates in this model is one of the best. Good quality wire with swivel mechanism. On AliExpress there are a lot of positive reviews about the quality of this model.
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3. GLADAY C-8185

This ironing with AliExpress expresses titanium plates that are so loved by professional craftsmen. They hold the temperature well and allow styling as quickly as possible. The device needs 30 seconds to warm up to the operating state. A set of 3 wavy and one smooth extensions will help to create any type of hairstyle. The most unusual styling becomes a reality, because with one such ironing you can combine alignment, small and large waves. Replacing the plates is the most elementary, in time it takes several seconds.

Temperature adjustment is carried out up to 220 degrees. The regulator is located on the inside of the handle. The width of the plates is about 5 cm. At one time, the forceps capture a fairly large curl. The equipment works from a network of 110 and 220 V. Goods come with Ali Express, along with a glove to protect hands from burns. A box for this lot is not provided.

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Hope you love this post and our selection.