15 Best Mobile Phone Tripods in AliExpress

The best classic tripods for your phone with AliExpress
1PULUZ CY-108Better build quality and materials
2SHOOT XTGP285The smallest tripod with excellent payload
3COOLJIER Mini TripodBest price. Smallest weight
4Hanmi YY-2014041903There is a water level. The most mobile "head"
5BePotofone YLSKTall and bright ring-mounted tripod
The best flexible tripods with AliExpress
1SHOOT XTK75The best model for smartphone and camera
2LISRIB Mini SpiderSpectacular spider-foot design
3GAQOU P14-107Octopus, which can be mounted on any surface
4Tiandirenhe Flexible TripodThe best option for a car
5Fosoto gorillapodWithstands gadgets weighing up to 5 kilograms
The best universal tripods for your phone with AliExpress
1TRUMAGINE C5013The best ratio of price and quality
2PULUZ RemeverThe lightest universal holder. Three levels of height
3FOTGA Phone Tripod Stand MountOptimum height for use on any surface
4Hero4 SJ4000The perfect tripod for extreme shooting
5ORBMART WT3130Adjustment using the remote control. Setting any height

A tripod for your phone is an indispensable device for video bloggers, photography enthusiasts and ordinary people who want to preserve the best memories. With it, you can take photos at high shutter speeds and shoot clear videos without shaking. Also, the tripod is often used as a selfie stick or phone stand while reading books, watching movies or talking on Skype. 

When choosing a tripod, the following characteristics must be considered:

  • the presence of sliding legs;
  • sustainability;
  • height, weight and dimensions;
  • reliability of fastening;
  • the ability to connect to different gadgets, in addition to the phone;
  • frame size;
  • structural strength;
  • mobility of the "head";
  • the presence of a remote control;
  • the ability to use as a monopod.
It is also worth focusing on the ratio of price, quality and functionality. This will help objective customer reviews. Since most tripods and monopods are still made in China, it’s easier and cheaper to order them directly on Aliexpress. The ranking presents the best models that can be found on this site.


The classic tripod for the phone is a small copy of a conventional tripod for a SLR camera. As a rule, the maximum height of such tripods does not exceed 40 cm, but there are models with telescoping telescopic legs that increase this figure to 105 centimeters. It’s best to mount them on a flat surface, and mini tripods are most often placed on a table or cabinet. Such devices are ideal for shooting indoors, as well as for use as a stand.

1. PULUZ CY-108
PULUZ CY-108 is a solid classic metal and plastic holder. The length of this tripod is 265 mm, it weighs a little more than a kilogram. On the phone mount (9.2 cm wide) there are silicone inserts so as not to scratch it. The kit includes a clothespin for the camera. Those who are seriously involved in shooting video should pay attention to the variation of this model with two holders. The second tripod is made of flexible material, it is convenient to place it at any angle. You can use the optional mount for another camera or backlight.
The reviews on AliExpress praise the workmanship and materials of PULUZ CY-108. It has a strong and heavy base, the tripod itself is easily and quickly adjustable. The holder turned out stable, the parts do not hang out, they turn with effort. The only drawback of the model is not the most convenient clothespins. They are too close to the hinge, sometimes blocking access to the fingers.

SHOOT XTGP285 differs from other participants in the rating in its smallest size. The height of the holder when folded is only 10 cm, the length is 16 cm. Thanks to this, it is convenient to take it with you on the set or on a trip. The description on AliExpress says that the holder when folded is quite capable of replacing the stabilizer for small video cameras (up to 2 kg). The angle of the phone can be adjusted within 120 °. The camera mount is not included in the kit, but it can be ordered separately from the same seller.
In the reviews they write that the tripod is quite stable, conveniently in the hand. The tripod is made of high-quality engineering plastic. Thanks to its non-slip coating, it is suitable for the most difficult and extreme shooting. But the design of the product seemed flimsy to customers. You must handle it with extreme care so as not to damage it when carrying it. Another caveat - in the folded state, backlash of the legs is observed.

The COOLJIER tripod is lightweight and compact and weighs about 60 grams. Folded rack length is 140 mm, it can be expanded up to 200 mm. The product is made of plastic and aluminum. You can install any phone in it whose width is in the range of 2.17–8.5 cm. The weight of the gadget should not exceed 0.5 kg, so, unfortunately, a tripod will not work for large-sized cameras. But the clamp perfectly holds small phones, the legs are strong and stable.
This model is ideal for iPhone, for convenient control there is a small remote control. It is powered by batteries that are included with AliExpress. In the reviews, users mention one small, but unpleasant drawback - after 30 seconds of inactivity, the console turns off, you have to reconnect it. Also, not everyone likes the COOLJIER build quality, plastic parts can break quickly. But for such a price it is difficult to find a tripod made of the best materials.

4. HANMI YY-2014041903
The tripod from Hanmi was distinguished by a particularly mobile “head”, which allows you to secure the phone in almost any position, even with the most unexpected tilt angle. Another significant advantage of this model is the presence of a water level, thanks to which you can forget about taking photos with a littered horizon. The tripod is quite high: its length when folded is only 35 cm, and when unfolded - a little more than a meter. Like many other tripods, Hanmi is suitable not only for smartphones, but also for small cameras.
In order to take a picture, it is not necessary to turn on the timer on the camera: the control panel connected via Bluetooth is included in the kit for the tripod. Despite the fact that the tripod is quite stable, it’s hard to call it strong: fully extended aluminum legs are easy to damage. However, with careful handling, the device can last quite a long time, according to reviews.

BePotofone YLSK can be safely considered the best option for a selfie or shooting beauty blogs. This hot pink tripod is equipped with a three-mode ring LED backlight. The phone mount rotates 360 ° vertically and 90 ° horizontally. It is suitable for smartphones with a width of 56–90 mm. There are 4 options for the height of the tripod, from 25 to 170 cm. It weighs 300 g, made of aluminum alloy. On the legs are rubber balls that prevent slipping.
The reviews note the free movement of the legs and excellent stability of the tripod. Of course, she won’t hold big cameras, but she can handle the weighty phones. During the ordering process you need to pay attention to the equipment. On AliExpress there are several options for the model: with or without backlight, with a remote control. Each kit includes a convenient carrying and storage case. The disadvantages of BePotofone YLSK include crumpled packaging.

Tripods in this category differ from the classic ones with flexible legs and a relatively small height. The advantage of such tripods is that they do not need a flat surface. Devices can be placed anywhere and even attached to vertical objects, such as a chair leg, tree, fence or thin pole. Flexible tripods are perfect for photo shoots and video recordings, but in the latter it is better not to wait for special smooth movements in the frame. In the case of video, such tripods are usually used just to not hold the phone in hand.

This model is one of the most popular among AliExpress users. It is quite bright, has legs in the form of plastic balls strung on a wire. The material from which the tripod is made is pleasant to the touch and does not have a strong odor. Flexible tripod legs leave plenty of room for imagination. It can be placed on a horizontal surface or attached to various objects. If you put the legs together, the tripod can be converted into a monopod and used as a compact selfie stick.
SHOOT XTK75 is suitable not only for phones: due to the presence of a special thread on the “head”, a light camera can be attached to it. The only weak point of the device is the flimsy design. The reviews write that the model may not be suitable for a thin phone without a case. When using such a smartphone, the tripod frame rests on the body with a non-rubber part, so the gadget may be scratched.

This original model belongs to a separate type of tripods, the so-called spiders. The design consists of more legs: there are 8 of them instead of the standard three. Thanks to the elastic material, they bend in any direction, allowing you to make a tripod or stand with the desired angle from a “spider”. The length of the device is 27 centimeters, which allows it to serve as a stand even for the largest phones or gadgets, for example, for the iPad.
The tripod is a rubber construction made of wire. The rack does not have open metal parts, so you can not be afraid to scratch the smartphone. Reviews on Aliexpress are amazing: apparently, the tripod functionality is limited only by the user's imagination. The most creative buyers managed to use it as a holder for glasses and books. And with such a device, you can scare your friends or organize the shooting of a funny video.

3. GAQOU P14-107
This tripod can not only hold the phone, but also become an integral part of shooting. It looks very impressive - the legs bend in different directions, they resemble the tentacles of an octopus. The stand is made of waterproof and shockproof plastic with metal impregnations. When folded, its length reaches 302 mm. The weight of the device is 298 g, which is a lot when compared with other models. But GAQOU can withstand gadgets weighing up to 2 kilograms. There is even an adapter for GoPro, compatible with all versions of action cameras.
You can choose a narrow or wide latch to place the phone in a suitable place. The knob is completely unscrewed, under it is a metal thread. In the reviews on AliExpress, users note the high quality of materials and good assembly. The legs of the GAQOU P14-107 are quite rigid, but this is even for the best. The tripod looks strong and reliable, it can withstand any load.

If the other tripods included in this part of the rating are called “octopuses” and “spiders,” Tiandirenhe, thanks to the original form, received the name “gecko”. It is distinguished by the presence of a clearly marked head with a mount for a camera or smartphone, as well as flat legs. Thanks to them, you can significantly expand the functionality of the device, receiving instead of a simple tripod, for example, a mirror or navigator holder in a car.
Silicone legs provide strong and reliable capture of any subject of the suitable size. That is why the phone can be placed on a flat or bumpy surface, safely mounted on a furniture leg, a tree or even an oar if the device is waterproof. The tripod has 2 holes suitable for mounting the phone mount, so you can experiment in finding the most stable position. On AliExpress there are "geckos" of black, green, red and lilac colors.

This black and red tripod is made of plastic and rubber; its unfolded height reaches 290 mm. The device weighs only 100 g, a cover for transportation is included. With the help of Fosoto, you can organize shooting outdoors, it is convenient to take it with you on a trip or outdoors. The maximum load on the tripod should not exceed 5 kilograms, it is suitable not only for phones, but also for professional cameras. You can choose one of two smaller versions of Gorillapod, but they can withstand only 500-1000 g.
The legs are made of several small foam balls strung on a wire, so they can be bent in different directions. Thanks to rubberized pads, they do not slip, they remain stable on any surface. Some AliExpress users in the reviews complain about the quality of the materials from which the legs are made. It is necessary to bend them very carefully, otherwise the foam rubber may crack.


This rating category presents tripod models that can be connected to any gadget. They will help to cope even with the most extraordinary shooting. Such devices cost a little more than miniature racks, but the price is justified by an expanded set of functions.

This tripod was designed for professional digital cameras, but later included a holder for smartphones. It is made of aluminum, manufacturers claim that the material will not deteriorate even after 30 years. The height of the device is 150 cm in disassembled form, if necessary, it can be reduced to 60 cm. If the rack is folded, it will take up little space. The maximum possible load is 2.5 kg, which is a good indicator.
A tripod is suitable for most cameras, phones and tablets. His "head" rotates 360 °, using the lock handle you can install the gadget at an angle of 90 °. The kit includes a remote control that connects via Bluetooth. It works at a distance of up to 10 m from the device. Some customers say that the clamp on TRUMAGINE is too tight; it is not suitable for all phones. For wide models, you will have to buy a separate mount on Aliexpress.
This compact tripod weighs only 120 g, but in functionality it is in no way inferior to more expensive and weighty counterparts. Thanks to its sturdy telescopic legs, it can even be installed on uneven surfaces, and there are also three possible height levels. The assembly is high-quality, the clamp holds any gadgets firmly. PULUZ's product is suitable for phones, action cameras (including GoPro) and cameras, but remember that the weight of the device should not exceed 1 kg.
Management is carried out using a miniature remote control, on which there are only two buttons. One of them is responsible for the rotation of the "head" (up to 360 °), the other will help to quickly take a photo, it can be reassigned. The seller clarifies that the remote control is not suitable for all smartphone models, so it’s better to clarify this information before buying. The maximum length of the stand when unfolded is 30 cm, for some types of shooting this may not be enough.

The model from FOTGA is suitable for different models of smartphones, camcorders and digital cameras. This tripod has a built-in bubble level that provides an even horizon on any survey. There is also a handle with which you can adjust the position of the "head", rotate it 360 ° and 90 ° vertically. Thanks to this, you can fix the rack in almost any position. Its maximum height reaches 1 meter, the minimum is about 36 cm.
The width of the holder can be adjusted in the range from 52 to 85 mm. The device can withstand gadgets whose weight does not exceed 2.5 kg. Rubber-coated aluminum legs do not slip; they are very stable. The tripod frame is strong enough, but lightweight, it is convenient to carry with you on the set. The kit includes a fabric cover. For such a cost, the quality of the materials is acceptable, but some buyers note the flimsy design of a tripod and plastic mounts.

4. HERO4 SJ4000
The product from Hero4 is made of high quality plastic. It is waterproof and resistant to mechanical damage, suitable even for shooting under water. The device can be safely called “three in one”: it is used as a tripod for a phone, a grip for a camera or a monopod. The seller put on Ali Express colorful photographs of this model in the hands of snowboarders, surfers and divers.
This rack is called a real transformer due to its original design. The device consists of three parts that can be twisted and installed at any angle. You can fold the tripod, disassemble it, separate the handle and use it separately. The tightening bolts are strong, the handle is also very durable. Not all buyers are satisfied with the build quality: the tripod is too light, it can stagger in the wind. The Hero4 tripod is unlikely to withstand large-sized cameras, but it will be enough for a regular smartphone.

ORBMART WT3130 is considered one of the best options for shooting outdoors. This aluminum tripod has excellent stability and great adjustment potential. You can fix it at almost any height level, from 40 to 125 cm. The product weighs 520 g, the maximum load capacity is 2.5 kg. Another feature of the model is the presence of a convenient carrying case and a remote control in the kit. It works at a distance of 10 m, suitable for all models of phones based on iOS and Android.
Buyers with Aliexpress like the design and workmanship of this holder. It is tall and stable, holds phones and camcorders securely. The construction is solid, there are no backlashes, nothing hangs. Thanks to the rubber foot pads, the ORBMART WT3130 stands firmly on any surface. The weakest point of the model is the mount for the smartphone. It is quite flimsy, can quickly fail.

Hope you will love the listing.