10 Best Pans in AliExpress [January 2020]

Top 10 best pans with Ali Express
1MYLIFEUNIT N1868Durable material. Unusual shape
2VETTA GRILL PANCast iron grill pan for stove and oven
3Master Star HRJY-01The best workmanship. Handmade
4Wiilii Griddles & Grill PansOriginal surface with four recesses
5SDARISB DR-G02The best classic pan
6Sweettreats CX-873Suitable for cooker and microwave
7Greensen Mini Frying PanCompact pan for travel and business trips
8PFDIYF 7789Capacious bowl for a large family
9Justcook JSHS-NI2224The best ratio of price and quality
10Dazzling B650417For cooking fried eggs or pancakes with an unusual pattern

It would be foolish to think that the pan is only suitable for frying food. In it you can even cook such complicated dishes as risotto, pasta or ratatouille. A deep cast-iron bowl will replace the cauldron for pilaf. If the apartment does not have an oven, you can bake cake cakes on a hot surface without oil. Chefs are advised to have several different pans at home for cooking different dishes. Of course, such a pleasure is not cheap. To save money, you can look for kitchen utensils on AliExpress.
When choosing the best model, it is necessary to take into account different characteristics: surface diameter, wall thickness and height, material, coating. A non-stick vessel is easy to clean, products do not stick to it, and oil is almost not required. Handle such a pan very carefully: mix the ingredients only with a spatula, wash with a soft cloth, do not cook food at too high a temperature. The ceramic coating can cope with heating to 450 ° without problems, but does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. This model is not suitable for the preparation of frozen foods, it is not recommended to put it on an induction stove. In addition, the ceramic layer cannot be treated with a hard sponge or alkaline detergents.


The most important selection criterion is the material from which the kitchen utensils are made. Cast-iron pans appeared a very long time ago, but even now they do not lose popularity. It is in such a vessel that heat is most evenly distributed. It cools for a long time, so the products will languish and “reach” even after turning off the fire. The material is strong enough, it will not fade and deform over time. The only minus of cast iron is its large weight and fragility. If the pan falls to the floor, pieces may break from it.
Aluminum cookware is considered the most budgetary and lightest in weight, but it is not suitable for cooking on an electric stove. A thin layer can simply deform due to heat. It is necessary to give preference to models with a bottom thickness of at least 2-5 mm. Professional cooks usually use stainless steel cookware. It is easy to care for, this pan is equally well suited for quick frying or long stewing. But you need to use a large amount of oil, otherwise the ingredients of the dish begin to stick to the bottom. By the way, it is stainless steel that makes grill pans. The rating presents the best models from various materials that were found on AliExpress.

MYLIFEUNIT N1868 has an original rectangular shape, its dimensions are 20 * 18 cm, up to 2 liters is placed inside. This skillet was designed specifically for the preparation of the Japanese Tamagoyaki omelet. It has low sides and a thin bottom, along which fried eggs and pancakes will glide perfectly. The vessel is suitable for a gas, electric or induction hob. It is made of aluminum-manganese alloy, characterized by high strength and low weight (400 g). Thanks to the non-stick stone coating, the products will be fried evenly without burning.
The reviews note the high quality of workmanship and materials. Even without oil, the ingredients do not stick; they easily slide off a smooth surface. Before loading food, it is recommended to heat an empty skillet for 2 minutes. The only minus of MYLIFEUNIT N1868 is that sometimes the product comes with dents and scratches, despite the reliable packaging.

Cast iron utensils are not often found on AliExpress. Those who prefer dishes from this material should pay attention to the grill pan from VETTA. It is suitable for any stove, you can also put it in the oven. For convenient use, there are two handles on the sides. 2-3 l of food is placed in the dish. The goods are delivered from Russia, so it will not take long.
Judging by the reviews, the main advantage of VETTA is the taste of the prepared dishes. The meat is juicy and aromatic, as if it were fried over an open fire. Cast iron has many advantages over other materials, but it requires special care. To prevent corrosion, it is necessary to calcinate it with salt for 40 minutes, grease with oil and repeat the procedure. Do not use harsh detergents or harsh washcloths. Do not store cooked food in a pan, this contributes to the occurrence of rust.

Master Star HRJY-01 is a traditional Chinese wok. This vessel has an unusual shape and high sides. Thanks to the cone-shaped design, it will be convenient to mix the ingredients with the sauce, the dishes practically do not burn. Iron is used for manufacturing, many processes are manual. AliExpress has several options for this model - with a diameter of 32 or 34 cm, a bottom thickness of 1.5 or 1.8 mm. The height of the sides is 9.5 cm, the length of the handle is 21 cm. In the most voluminous version, an additional curved “ear” handle is provided.
Customers are delighted with Master Star HRJY-01. The reviews confirm that the pan is iron. In ordinary stores, it is unrealistic to find a handmade product at such a price. The products warm evenly, they turn out incredibly tasty and juicy. Of course, it is unlikely that you can get meat with a crisp, the wok is more likely to cook noodles, rice and stewed vegetables.

On AliExpress, unusual pans with 2, 4 or 6 recesses are often found. They are ideal for making pancakes, pancakes, cheesecakes, fried eggs and cutlets. At one time, you will be able to cook 4 servings or fry several ingredients for one dish. The Wiilii brand offers two variants of this model - with round and curly holes. The diameter of the pan is 28 cm, the height of the sides is 4 cm. It is made of aluminum alloy with Teflon coating, stylized as granite. The handle is 17 cm long bakelite, it is quite comfortable and does not slip.
Buyers have no serious complaints about Wiilii: the delivery is fast, the packaging is excellent, the pan is working well. With its help, you can cook any dishes with almost no oil. A silicone spatula is recommended for turning and mixing. The main disadvantage of this model is that it is not suitable for an induction cooker.
SDARISB DR-G02 - a classic frying pan, it is suitable for gas, electric and induction cookers. The capacity of the dish reaches 4 l, it is available in two versions - with a diameter of 20 and 26 cm. There is a delivery from Russia, you can order with one lot a set of 2 pans of different sizes. A small one is perfect for making pancakes and fried eggs, a large one is for meat, meatballs, vegetables and other dishes designed for the whole family. For the manufacture of kitchen utensils, an aluminum alloy with a coating of stone was used.
The reviews note the fast delivery and excellent quality of the SDARISB DR-G02. AliExpress users write that the pan is moderately heavy, with thick walls and a bottom. Silicone handle, does not slip in the hands. In the process of frying, you can do without oil, nothing will burn. Products do not stick to the coating, but glide smoothly over it. The disadvantages include the lack of a cover in the kit, but for the kind of money it is foolish to expect more.
Sweettreats CX-873 is made of aluminum-plated copper. It will be convenient to cook vegetables or pasta sauce in it. The material withstands temperatures up to 500 °, it quickly heats up, but also cools instantly. The assortment has a classic model with a diameter of 20 or 25 cm, a square bowl (one side - 24.5 cm) and a frying pan with an additional handle (30 cm). The largest version is ideal for cooking in the oven or microwave, it will be convenient to take it with two hands. A nice addition - you can wash the dishes in the dishwasher.
The reviews praise the fast delivery and superior quality of the Sweettreats CX-873. Double packaging minimizes the risk of surface damage during transport. The only drawback of this model is buyers consider low sides (4.2 cm). Because of this, you need to gently mix the products, otherwise they can simply fall out of the pan.


The Greensen assortment has a small and convenient frying pan for cooking food on a business trip or outdoors. Its diameter is only 12 cm, it is made of iron with a non-stick coating. With this appliance, you can only cook one serving at a time. For example, 2 eggs, a small piece of meat or pancake dough will fit there. The description of the pan indicates that it holds 1-3 liters.
The reviews praise this model for its compact size, low weight and good bottom thickness. The pan is suitable for induction cooker. To ensure that the products are evenly fried and not burnt, it is recommended to add a small amount of oil. As is often the case on Aliexpress, Greensen is packed only in plastic wrap. Usually it comes without damage, but there are also unpleasant exceptions: scratches, dents, etc. Customers also lower their final grade due to the smell of plastic from the pen.

  • PFDIYF 7789
PFDIYF 7789 is ideal for preparing a meal for a large family. It is large enough, with high walls and a thick bottom. At the time of ordering, you can choose the diameter of the pan (20, 24 or 28 cm) and its color is black or pink. For a small surcharge, the seller offers a set with a lid. The main feature of this model is the coating of medical stone. Due to this, the surface is resistant to mechanical damage, it quickly heats up and is easy to clean. The taste of the ingredients does not change at all.
The reviews warn that the surface of the PFDIYF 7789 is quite fragile. Buyers with AliExpress advise you to buy a special silicone spatula for stirring the ingredients and laying the finished dish on plates. Another minus - the lid is loose, it is better to buy it in another place. There are no other claims to the pan: the products really do not slip, the dish is made with high quality, it is very spacious.

Justcook JSHS-NI2224 is one of the best grill pans with AliExpress. Such models have a ribbed bottom, thanks to which the products are juicy, with a delicious crust. In this case, the fat content is minimized - it flows into the grooves. This pan is made of aluminum alloy; it is rectangular in shape with rounded edges. The dimensions of the kitchen utensils are 22 * ​​24 * 4.5 cm, the length of the handle is 17 cm.
You can use the cookware on an induction or gas stove. To mix the ingredients, it is recommended to use a wooden spatula. Only soft cloths are suitable for washing grilled pans. There is a non-stick coating, so the seller does not recommend the use of abrasive cleaners. In the reviews, it is noted that the Dazzling B650417 warms up evenly, meat and sausages do not stick to the ribbed surface. The only drawback of the model is poor packaging.

  • DAZZLING B650417
The Dazzling brand offers customers miniature pans with an original design. On the surface of each product are embossed drawings. Thanks to this, you can bake pancakes or cook fried eggs of an unusual shape. Available models with the image of a bear, strawberries, hearts and stars. The diameter of the dish is 26 cm, the length of the handle is 12 cm. The main material is stainless steel, there is a non-stick coating. The pan is suitable for gas and induction cookers.
In the reviews on AliExpress, they write that the Dazzling B650417 corresponds to the description and photos. Pancakes and eggs turn out beautiful, the drawing is easy to see. The disadvantages include the fact that the non-stick coating is not of the best quality. Sometimes products stick to the surface. To avoid this, use a sufficient amount of oil. Another disadvantage of this model is the weak handle. It may break or warp over time.

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